Anno accademico 2020/2021

ANDREA ALBERTI – The Bosnian War and Its Refugees: The Largest Displacement in Europe since the WWI    PDF

LUCA BALESTRI – Out of Albania: the Albanian Civil War and the second Albanian “Migration Crisis” (1997)    PDF

ROSA CHIARA BUONCUORE – Out of Albania – The transition from Communism to fragile democracy and the first “migration crisis” (1990-1991)    PDF

DANIELA BURBA – Forgotten exiles? The Julian-Dalmatian exiles between political support and marginalisation    PDF

NICCOLÒ CIPOLLONE – Chinese Christians’ persecutions and migrations: A brief overview    PDF

ELEONORA MARCHIONIThe demand for foreign highskilled workers in the hightech sector     PDF

CAMILLE OREN – The Algerian war and exodus of the pieds- noirs. Challenges and outcomes of integration    PDF

SONIA SBRANA – Moroccan migration to Spain: the case of Ceuta and Melilla    PDF

ALESSIO SCULCO – A trade off between security and rights? The migration issue in the Italy- Libia relations    PDF

DANIELA SERAFINO – The externalization of European borders control: the EU- Turkey agreement    PDF

MARTA TARDIO – Italian migration to Switzerland: the forgotten history of the “hidden children”    PDF

MARGARITA VAKINA – The Russian migratory waves from a historical and political point of view    PDF

MARCO ZAGLIA – Not only South -North: the East- West internal migration in Italy    PDF