SIMONA BARATELLA – A country under siege? Germany and the migration issue in the long 1990s                PDF

FRANCESCO BERTUCCI – Portuguese migration to Western Europe: reasons, evolution and implications     PDF

TOMMASO BONOMO – Recruitment schemes of Displaced Persons in Great Britain    PDF

OSCAR EMANUEL CORMAN – The “South Tyrol Option Agreement”    PDF

CHIARA COSTANTINI – A trade-off between security or rights? The migration issue in the Italy-Libya relations       PDF

GIANLUCA DELEO – The Albanian Migration of 1991    PDF

DILETTA DELL’AMICO – Chinese in Prato. The peculiarity of Prato’s case in Chinese migration to Europe               PDF

CHRISTIAN ERVEN – 2016 EU-Turkey agreement           PDF

CARMEN GURRADO – Ukrainian refugee crisis: causes, evolution, implications            PDF

ARIANNA LAVORE – How Covid-19 influenced migration processes and mobility          PDF

BEATRIZ MARCOS – The debate about immigration to Portugal and the policies of the Portuguese Government        PDF

VALENTINA PINNA – Environmental migration in Europe and the world: a case study  PDF

MIRIAM POIATTI – Romani migration in Europe in the post- communist period             PDF

ALEXANDRA SILOKHINA – The research paper: «Immigration from Central and Eastern Europe to Spain: a historical overview»    PDF